Don't you just hate old acne scars? If it wasn't bad enough to have to deal with acne in the first place, now you're left with a reminder. The best way to get rid of acne scars is to use a topical retinoid cream. This is by prescription only, as retinoids are stronger than retinols, which you can get over-the-counter (OTC). They're both related to vitamin A and work by speeding up cell turn over which pretty much means that they help slough off dead skin cells.

Be a smart shopper: If you're going to buy a retinol product at the drugstore, make sure it's packaged properly. Retinol is super unstable. It will be pretty much worthless if light hits it or if it gets too much oxygen or other oxidants. What does this mean in terms of packaging? It means look for one in an opaque tube (one you can't see through) and don't get one in a jar because every time you take the lid off, you're exposing too much of it to the air. Aluminum tubes are great. Roc and Neutrogena have patented packaging for retinols so they're your best bet. Leave a comment if you have any questions! Meow.

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No one likes cellulite, right? Here are a few ways to avoid developing it or developing as much of it. Mayo Clinic states that stress, inactivity and hormonal contraceptives (any type of birth control that has hormones, like the pill) can contribute to the development of cellulite. I've also heard the frenzy about how caffeine makes cellulite worse. Well, in a round-about way it does. Large amounts of caffeine cause stress on the body according to a study done at the Duke University Medical Center, and we now know that stress contributes to the development of cellulite. So, in other words, drink only a little. Like, no more than 2 cups a day :)

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I always find products that advertise they can "shrink pores" and unfortunately a lot of people believe this. The way they're getting by with this is that they're typically saying their product makes "pores appear smaller". Yes, "appear" because they are in fact still just as big but because they're being filled in or covered over, their size is not as apparent. My dermatologist told me long ago that it was impossible to shrink pores by applying a product or by doing any type of at-home remedy (like splashing cold water on your face).

Dr. Debra Jailman, a NYC dermatologist, said in an article by the Huffington Post, that the only way to truly shrink pores is by using a non-ablative laser, like Medlite or Genesis or by getting a series of Fraxel laser treatments done. She says these methods are permanent and effective.

If that's going to cost too much for you (as these are pretty expensive procedures!), a good product to use is Clinique's "Pore Minimizer Instant Perfecter". It's pretty much a spackle for the face. It also gives a matte finish; I love it! A little goes a long ways, so the investment is definitely worth it in my opinion (it's about $25).

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