It seems like every girl wants long, pretty hair. Fast. I see it everyday: a girl with medium length hair is anxiously waiting for her hair to get long but it just seems to never get past a certain point and it has a bunch of split ends. She doesn't ever get it cut because she's "growing it out". But that's the problem: hair needs to get trimmed in order to allow it to keep getting longer. This won't make hair grow faster, but it will make it longer faster.

When girls get to that stage where they claim their hair "just won't grow", it's typically not a growing problem they have, but a breaking off problem they have. Once a hair strand gets a split end, it will just keep splitting up the shaft until it breaks off. If it gets cut off right from the start, it won't get a chance to break off much of your hair. This is why it's so important to get regular trims: nip those split ends in the bud!

If you're hair is pretty damaged, I would see a stylist every 4-6 weeks. Ask for a "dusting" instead of a "trim". This takes off a minimal amount of hair; it only gets the very tips off. It may be that you need a good trim at first, but after that, if you keep up with it, dustings should suffice. For hair that isn't overly damaged, I would recommend a trim or dusting every 6-8 weeks. Once hair gets super healthy (that's the goal here!) you will find that every 10-12 weeks is just fine.

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