Want your hair to get really long? I mean realllllly long? Then here's a few things you can do:
1. Don't ever brush your hair when it's wet
2. Brush it minimally when dry. (Brushing 100 strokes isn't going to make your hair shinier...it will just cause more damage. Get your tangles out and be done!)
3. Try to let hair air-dry as much as possible. Blow dryers are your enemy!
4. Quit flat ironing your hair everyday. It's so damaging!
5. Don't ever use a hot tool (flat iron, curling iron) when hair is wet
6. Cover your hair with a hat when in the sun
7. Get your hair trimmed about every 8 weeks. Give or take a couple of weeks depending on the amount of split ends you have

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9/1/2021 07:52:58 am

Thank you ffor this


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