I know some of you may be thinking, "Why is she posting about this? Isn't that pretty basic?" but I've found that a lot of people out there don't know this. And that's okay because not everyone can be a beauty guru, or a beauty cat!

So how does one properly shampoo and condition hair? It's easy: remember that shampoo is mostly for the scalp area and a few inches of hair away from the scalp. This is the oiliest part of our hair so start out shampooing in this area and work the rest of the shampoo down the strands to about midway. The ends will get shampoo on them just from rinsing and that's plenty for them. There's typically not a lot of product or oil towards the ends so there's no reason to scrub shampoo on them. Over time this will just be damaging anyways.

Conditioner is just the opposite: you want to concentrate it on the ends and work up the hair strands. Our scalps produce sebum (oil) which will condition our hair near the scalp so there's no need to concentrate conditioner there. If you feel like your scalp is dry, you can put a little there but I would caution using a lot because this will lead to oily-looking hair quicker. The ends are the driest part of our hair and need some extra loving to avoid split-ends, which is why we start conditioning here.

Did anyone used to scrub the ends of their hair? Or start applying conditioner at the scalp? Leave a comment and share! Meow :)

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